Chase Log

May 21, 2011 Topeka, KS Tornadic Supercell

Chased May 21st near the Topeka area. Shear didn’t look that spectacular, nor did moisture, but with some Kansas magic anything can happen. We sat just west of Topeka watching towers go up north and southwest. Finally we committed to two storms southwest of us, one left mover and one right (that ended up developing into the Topeka storm). This storm had superb structure almost its entire life cycle, and finally produced a tornado near Lake Perry that I could only get a 30 second video of. All the shots below are from my 5d Mark II, but one last video grab from my Z7U of the tornado as we lost it in the trees. ARRRGHH! To be sitting there the entire time and then to not be able to get close to this tornado was frustrating to say the least.

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