Mitch Dobrowner

As a fine art photographer I cannot say enough wonderful, positive things about Roger Hill and Silver Lining Tours. I give Roger Hill all the credit for any success I have had in the world of fine art photography. Besides Roger being the most experienced storm chaser on the planet he is one of the nicest, kindest, generousĀ people and most passionate I have ever known. The major bonus for me is that Roger is also a wonderful photographer/videographer who understand light, composition and how to be position us for the ultimate image captures. Every tourĀ I have gone on (15+) have been fun, relaxing and what I would classify as a once in a lifetime experience. I’m not saying that to be nice – I mean this.

Roger and Caryn have gotten me in front of some of the most outrageous storm systems I could have ever imagined. This is also done with every one’s safety being a top priority. Also, the drivers that Roger has chosen (and carefully vetted) deserve much credit for being professional, patient and kind. And we also stay in the best hotels available…. no crappy hotels per Roger!! This has made Silver Lining Tours the only storm chasing tour group I will ever travel with.

– Mitch Dobrowner
website: mitchdobrowner.com