Ryan Kushner


Hello fellow weather enthusiasts! My name is Ryan Kushner, and I am 36 years old. I believe life should be an adventure and enjoyed as much as possible. I saw my first tornado accidentally on August 26th, 2002 in Minnesota while tubing down a river. As scary as that was, I immediately became infatuated with severe weather. I began chasing storms the following summer in 2003 before weather data was available on cell phones. I would check weather online or TV each morning and drive around for endless hours trying to find storms. I loved every second of the adventure of hunting storms and seeing new places in the process. Since 2010, I have seen close to 40 tornadoes. My all time favorite chase was the incredible Simla Colorado supercell on June 4, 2015.  Whether we discover big beautiful tornadoes, incredible cloud structure, or even no significant storms, I find a way to learn something from each and every chase and enjoy the people I am with. 

In addition to Storm Chasing, my passion for adventure continues in the mountains where weather is always a key component. I have climbed all 58 of Colorado 14,000ft peaks with over 250 summits in total. In addition, I have climbed the tallest peaks in North and South America and led the only Americans to summit a 8000 meter peak (26,200ft) in Pakistan in 2016 without supplemental oxygen, Sherpas, or guides. Last spring, I climbed and attempted to summit one of the most dangerous peaks and the 7th tallest in the world, Dhaulagiri in Nepal. On my climbing expeditions, I raise money for different charities having raised over $30,000 in total for various organizations. 

 I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for the adventure of hunting for storms. See you all in May!!