Rusty Nelson

Tour Guide

I’ve always said, “My camera is my best excuse for adventure” and that’s what led me to guiding with Silver Lining Tours.  I actually started my photography and storm chasing career unknowingly when I was “taking pictures” as the pilot of the Air Force’s U-2 spy plane.  The image of watching lightning dancing around the storm clouds from above 70,000 feet always stuck in my mind…how beautiful.  I never realized where this would lead me.

After a brief stint in Hollywood as a producer and director I fell in love with still photography.  An outstanding fellow photographer, Mitch Dobrowner introduced me to Roger some time back and told me if I wanted to chase storms for photography…this was the guy!   If you’ve ever seen Mitch’s work you’ll understand why I jumped on the bandwagon instantly, signed up for a tour and never looked back.  The following years I signed up for multiple tours and drove over 25,000 miles on my own throughout the Midwest in an effort to hone my skills in both photography and weather knowledge. Since then I’ve won numerous photography awards and this year received Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographer of Los Angeles.

After many tours with Roger I soon realized how much fun I was having not only with the photography and weather but meeting fellow guests from around the world.  When given the opportunity to guide along with Roger and Caryn I jumped at the chance and it’s been a blast ever since.  I’m really looking forward to meeting all the new guests and not only sharing some great adventures but making new ones.