Silver Lining Tours Photography Tour #2


2020 Tour Dates 

Tour Length
6 Days
Arrival Day
May 30
First Chase Day
May 31
Last Chase Day
June 5
Departure Day
June 6
Base City

2020 Tour Price – $2,900

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The Best Way To Capture Amazing Images

Silver Lining Tours is already known for its success in getting their clients within striking distance of supercell storm structure, large hail, fantastic lightning and tornadoes. But did you know they also offer specialized tours for photographers? Having many combined years of experience videoing and photographing 100s of tornadoes, large hail, supercell structure, beautiful rainbows, mammatus clouds, jaw dropping lightning and landscape that compliments any of the aforementioned, we felt the need to offer such an experience to both Amateur and Professional photographers alike.

Silver Lining Tours approach to these tours is simple. Led by Roger and Caryn Hill, they will draw upon their years of experience and make sure their photography clients are in the best possible position for the ultimate shot. We know the importance of tripod mounted photography and will position our clients to allow them the time needed to set up and capture spectacular images. Our goal is to make sure you have a chance at shooting the ENTIRE storm structure as well as up close and personal tornado photos. Setting up for lengthy photo opportunities is a luxury sometimes not possible in regular storm chasing tours but is key to a successful severe weather photo shoot. Silver Lining Tours can get you there!

But what happens when “Ma Nature” doesn’t cooperate and give you severe weather to photograph while on tour? Americana photographic opportunities are endless when on tour with SLT. There are no “down days” with Silver Lining Tours. Our guests can count on being entertained with whatever the back roads of America have to offer. We also understand the importance of proper lighting and will schedule “down days” accordingly, making sure the early morning or evening light is used to its best advantage.

SLT guests can also count on comfortable accommodations. Silver Lining Photography Tours may be smaller in stature but big on customer service. Practicing quality over quantity, the photography tours will remain as a 1 van tour and will limit its size to only 6 guests for each tour. Vans used on the photography tours are roomy and are equipped with the same weather radar and van to van communication as the regular SLT tour vans. Limited power for “on the road” camera battery recharging will also be made available.

The Photography Tour is scheduled during early June when storms are plentiful, slow moving and photogenic. Tornadoes often occur, and can be quite stunning to capture in your camera lens. The chase territory is usually the northern plains and the high plains, where vistas are gorgeous and there are also many parks and landmarks along the way. Less chasers, less populated areas and little light pollution provide for the perfect natural image. If you want the best possible opportunity to capture that severe weather photo of a life time, consider Silver Lining Tours. Our many years of successful storm chasing experience will no doubt result in the highlight of your photography portfolio!