Jeff B.

I chased with Silver Lining Tours in 1999 and quickly realized they will travel wherever necessary to see picturesque and beastly storms. Returning in 2000 as a “tour veteran,” they again did not disappoint. Eight states and 5,000 miles later, we had seen tornadoes on three different nights. No other chase tour offers so many seasoned, experience chasers. And what’s more – they do all the work! You just sit back, ride and enjoy the show…and what a spectacular show it was!

Sean E.

Wow, wow, wow, what a super adrenaline rollercoaster storm chasing holiday it was. I joined David and the rest of his team on Tour 3, 1st June 2000. Want to see supercells, mesocyclones, golfball hail etc, you will in no doubt do so. Continue Reading →

Rachel H.

As a long-time participant in the Silver Lining “Experience” I can honestly say that you can’t ask for a better troupe to chase with! Continue Reading →


Hello, my storm-lovers. It is hard to put into words how THRILLING Silver Lining Tours was for me on the 2000 #3 Tour even though I did not see a tornado. However, even though I did not officially see a tornado, I witnessed the BEST AWESOME POWERFUL storms of my life!! Continue Reading →

Mike G.

For anyone who enjoys anything but a vacation, hear me out. No, this isn’t complaining, this is testimonial from one happy participant. I have to say that when I signed on to this tour, I thought it would be great, it was better than great, IT WAS THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. David Gold knows what he is doing, believe me. Teamed with Roger Hill and Alister Chapman, they gave myself and my father the best times, tornadoes and fun. If I had one word to describe this tour, i would be in trouble, because this was beyond words. Anyway, I had a great time and WILL be back!!

Mary B.

As a hard-core birder I know what it means to jump in the car at a moment’s notice and drive lots of miles and long hours to chase that rarity, so I felt as though I fit right into place with SLT! Continue Reading →

Lisa L.

What an expedition! David Gold’s Master Class Tour satisfied a craving in me that no Ohio storm experience could. David has the great gift of making people ‘see,’ not just with their eyes and minds, but also with their hearts. I left this trip with a love and respect for weather that I didn’t know was possible. The educational value of this trip is worth every penny, but listening to the wind growl and watching the clouds churn is priceless.

Doug B.

I cannot sing the praises of Silver Lining Tours enough to the people here in North Carolina. They are amazed at the pictures of those beautiful supercells. In my presentation to the Board of Trustees, they were in awe, and felt like their money was well spent. And the time you took to explain to me different weather phenomena as well as forecasting techniques has proved to be a great tool in teaching the course.

Shane M.

Although I expected to learn quite a bit, I had no idea how useful the knowledge gained on your intensive tour would become in both school and in the summer internship I had. Continue Reading →

Harry O.

Our storm chasing trip with SLT was a very special week for both my friend & I . Our wives bought us the trip as a joint 40th-birthday present. In choosing a tour group, we narrowed it down to four, then picked SLT after viewing their excellent videos from years past. Continue Reading →