• An informative comparison between early and late season chasing. Read this to understand the trade-offs in choosing when to go storm chasing.
  • An article written a few years ago by David Gold called “The Evolution of Technology in Storm Chasing”. Updated as technology changes.
  • A very interesting essay on tornadoes by renowned scientist Chuck Doswell.
  • An authoritative Storm Chasing FAQ. Many good answers to many good questions. Definitely recommended for your perusal.
  • Our August 2005 newsletter, examining the topsy-turvy 2005 tornado season and explaining a technique useful in severe weather forecasting.
  • Our November 2005 newsletter, offering an in-depth look into the hurricane season that was and a prelude of what might be yet to come. Also explains the methodology behind Dr. Gray’s seasonal hurricane forecasts.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles and links to other interesting essays to appear soon!